Thursday, September 9, 2010

Teens Rising To The Top!

Nowadays,we don't only hear stories of amazing and talented adults do we?
We also hear stories of teens who are writers,scientists,idols etc.

Heard of a girl named Jamie Rubin? She's a 17 year old scientist. 

Hearing of all their success,I think most of us wish we could be like them. (I know I do)

I hope during this time,I can be strong and go through PMR successfully.

On a lighter note,Hari Raya is here! Maaf Zahir dan Batin! (Or as Fatin says Maaf Zafira dan Fatin! <3 )
To my awesome Malay friends and to all Malays celebrating this joyous occasion!

Aren't they adorable? :3
Upin and Ipin everybody!


 There's a new group (Yes,they're a korean group.Skip if you wish) 

They are known as Teen Top!
 Their motto is "Teens Rising to the Top"

Leader: C.A.P-1992 <3
Mischievous Rapper:L.Joe-1993 <3
Power Voice:ChunJi-1993 <3
Emotional Voice:Niel-1994 <333
Lovely Boy:Ricky-1995 (SAME AGE) <3
Dance Machine:ChangJo-1995 (SAME AGE) <3


For those who wanna know them....

L.Joe:0.57 and 0.42(playing the violin)
ChunJi:Singing at 0.31
Niel: Starts singing at 0.25
Ricky: He appears at 0.09
ChangJo:1.33 (Black Shirt)

Goofy Much?