Thursday, March 25, 2010

C for Boy. ;)

Heyah! People of Earth!
Sukantara finished yesterday.
I got 2 marks for Lontar Peluru! (Not bad for a scrawny kid like me!)

Today,we had Maths and Pn.T seemed to be in a good mood.
She said B for Bodoh and D for Dungu.
Someone apparently asked something...and teacher said 'yes C for Boy!'
lol. :)

So Celine was saying 'C for Boy' so many times!

Oh let me tell you something.
A parent lectured me.

Heres what happened.

I told a girl to use Pagar B since Pagar E was closed.
Her mother came down and started firing at the guard.
Then she told Man Su Ann 'You should ask the teacher BLAH BLAH BLAH!'

Then she went near her car and then came near me and said 'Why are you keeping quiet?'
I was about to answer her when she cut me off. 'You guys should get the key to open the gate.'
I told her 'Prefects dont own the key,Puan.'
She: 'Then you should inform the teacher and get the key from her or let the students use this Pagar.'
Luckily Nadiah and Menusha came already,so i escaped.
And I saw her lecturing Nadiah next. :/

A little advice Lady!


I was pissed.I felt like boxing something!Like it was our fault the gate was locked.

Anyway,I went to Tuition 2day.

Mr.Dominic never fails to make me laugh lol. :)

He said 'Last time girls stare at guys who are the ones who talk and ask questions in class.'
'Now most guys dont think about girls.....they think about a DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER...That's why so gundu!' LOL.

One more.

We were doing English Composition about Gotong Royong.
'The pond was very dirty.Aruna fainted at the sight.All the boys didnt want their princess Aruna to faint so they cleaned it,installed a fountain for Aruna to sleep and called it............


Words of the Day: Seorang Katak and Seekor Barbie :)
Face of the Day: ^___^

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sad or Happy?You decide.

Today was the 1st day of Sukantara.
Rumah Seroja(Green House) did 100 m relay and Long Jump.
I got 1 point for each. :(
I knew I could get 2 for 100 m.....but sadly...It didnt happen.
At least I contributed marks for Green.
Pei Khim pinched my cheeks 2day.I felt like a chubby kid.
And Kak Shahiela called me cute? (Personally I think I look ugly.I may act kiddish but not cute....but it your opinion!)

Also as you know its Eetong's 15th Bday!

Happy Birthday Eetong! ♥ <3333

I was singing Happy Birthday....many different versions! ;)
You only turn 15 once Eetong!

Then we had Geo and teacher gave our question paper back and asked someone to write the answers on the board.I didnt tick at all.I didnt want to know.
I had a LOT of wrongs! :(
So far I have A's for BM,BI,Maths,Moral and B for KH. :(

KH....Kerja Kayu....SIGH! I hate kerja kayu.I seriously HATE IT.

Tamil, we went to PSS1 and I helped Pn.M write the marks of Tamil and Moral for Form 1 and Tamil for Form 2.
Shocked of some of the moral marks though.

Also I made a formspring 2day!

Ask me any question that you'd like.I'll answer no matter how weird it is,okay?

My dog,Fatsi was barking loudly at the guy who came to check on the CCTV.
While BJ didnt at all....why I dont know.He's the Alpha Male.
Niegy barked and whined as :)

So tomorrow is the last event!

Lontar Peluru! I hope to get at least 1 point but 2 would be awesome!

So goodluck to all Convent Girlz! :D

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday To You! ^__^

Happy 15th Birthday EetongNess!

Happy Birthday YO!


Thank you for being an awesome friend.
Hope you have a great 15th(Enjoy it while you're turning 30 in 15 more years.) ;)

Know you will get 7A's in PMR!


Heyyyyyyyy. ♥
So.......1st day of school was 2day.....I know.I hate it too.
Mondays are mostly gloomy for me.
Lets talk about my Sunday 1st yeah?


Went to Parkson and cut 7 inches off my hair and redo my bangs....
It may not seem alot but it is to me.
Then went to Giant to buy food and everything!
Then bought a COOL BLOG.
(It seems most of my friends dont know what a cool blog is)

This is a COOL BLOG.It's tagline is 'Be Cool with a Refreshing Blog'.

That was my Sunday. (I'm a boring person soweee)
Lets move on, shall we?


The tugas list went up late.I felt sad for the poor sap who got Pagar A1.
Turns out....IRONICALLY.......I was the poor sap. lol.
So i rushed to Pagar.And waited for 3 minutes until my partner came.

After that I had to jaga 3 always...1 PERSON was there. :/
So Vanessa and I waited and most of them came by 7.35a.m. and suddenly all the classes went in.
My mind was spinning since the Morning Prayers haven't been read yet.

Then MORAL....YAY! not.
Pn.NB made it sound like most of us failed our Moral.
I couldnt bear to look at my paper but when I finally saw it...I saw.................
God...thank you.

Then PJK! We had fun.We played this game where we go into a line(ERT vs. Perdagangan) and we open our legs and push the ball to our next opponent. (get it?)
OUR GROUP WON! GO ERT! (by a milisecond)

Science was next and Pn.Lily gave our papers to check.She hadn't wrote our full marks yet.
She asked us to be honest and truthful.Not cheat since it doesnt do any good.
I calculated and checked my marks so I got.....
Havent add marks from the mind map that we did so.......I hope I get an A?

Tal gave me this cute little pencil which had a froggy on it.
Thank you Tal for it. :)
And IRONICALLY, I was avoiding a frog in the school field during PJK...(not a big fan of REAL LIVE FROGS) :/


Geo...Teacher didnt come so we were just chatting and disturbing YT about her BF. :)

BM....checked our papers...exam papers.... :)
I got a 78% which is an A-

Then,we were supposed to have a French exam....since everyone bailed....Teacher cancelled.
So I called Daddy to call Uncle to come pick me up.
He was taking a long time so I was talking to some seniors. :)


p.s.:Not afraid of Kak Man Su Ann,Kak Shahiela,Kak Cassandra,Kak Pirvinsha,Kak Alia,Kak Soo Min. (Barisan AJK Badan Lembaga Pengawas)

p.p.s:Afraid of Kak Lee Sze Ruiy,Kak Nik,Kak Mohana(not afraid just don't talk to.) and Kak Ezza. (Barisan AJK Badan Lembaga Pengawas.)

I am still wary btw.With ALL.

Word of the day:Ironically.

Face of the week: $_$

Bye! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Holiday Yo.What do ya think?

What's up?
Holiday is here again!
I went to Cheras on Sunday with the family to eat at a steamboat place.
My brothers asked to go Leisure Mall.
So we did and we went.

I straight went to Popular to buy some books.
I saw Senjakala (New Moon) and Cinta Baru (Twilight)
And then I went Speedy.Right there in front of me in the International Section....

JUSTIN BIEBER MY WORLD.....malaysian edition.

Sighs loudly.Canceled it off my wishlist already! :)

Songs in this album are as follows:

One Time <33333

Favourite Girl <33

Down To Earth <33333

Bigger <333

One Less Lonely Girl <333333

First dance featuring Usher <333

Love Me <33333

I also bought Super Junior Super Show 2.

It has 2 CD's which consist of 39 songs! Worth it.But i personally like the 2nd CD more!

My sister bought Glee Season 1 soundtrack.

The songs in this album are:

Don't Stop Believing <333333

Can't Fight This Feeling <3333

Gold Digger <333

Take a Bow <333

Bust your Windows <33333 (Though not a big fan of skimpy cheerios)

Taking Chances <3333

Alone <333

Maybe This Time <333

Somebody to Love <3333333 (Love Mercedes ending)

Hate on Me <333

No Air <3333

You keep me Hangin' On <333

Keep Holding On (My personal Fav) <3333333

Bust a Move <33333

Sweet Caroline <333

Dancing with Myself <333

Defying Gravity <3333

3 new CD's added.

I currently have 2 Miley Cyrus CD's....Hey i like the songs.
Jonas Brothers.Their songs.Lovebug and Video Girl are awesome!
Wild Child Soundtrack
My friend Farrah Fitzhugh's Countdown Album.(Not in Msia but friends wanna borrow let me know)

I just started collecting. :)

Today i went to watch Alice in Wonderland directed by Tim Burton.
Tim Burton has directed many of my favourite movies like Nightmare Before Christmas,The Corpse Bride and Sweeny Todd.
An awesome director.His movies are eeriely funny and creepy. <333
His movies are one worth watching.

Alice in Wonderland is a movie you dont wanna miss.


The Mad Hatter played by Johnny Depp! Awesome. :)

I simply wanted to add some pics.
I think the rabbit is weird....and a chicken.

The 2 weirdest characters....TweedleDee and TweedleDum!

Mirana The White Queen.

Her sister,The Ugly Red Queen.

Comments on the Movie:

  • The Bloody Big Head A.K.A The Red Queen loves to say "Off With Their Heads!"
  • Mad Hatter is my favorite character cause he's just weird.
  • The Absolem,the blue caterpillar is so.......wise?
  • Hamish,the dude that Alice was supposed to marry....looks like he's face smelled bad lemon or something.So UGLY!
  • Stayne the liar,is FUGLY.Hello.
  • And the woman with the fake nose,The guy with the fake belly and the woman with the fake humongous boobs. Wouldn't it be better to get PLASTIC SURGERY?!
  • All in all an awesome movie!
  • High Hopes for Tim Burton movies in the FUTURE!

The hat that they put our popcorn in.The Combo costs about RM 10.90.But it looks nice. ;)

Words Of the Day are: JabberWocky, Bandersnatch, Futterwacken and Fabjous.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Something about Girls and Boys!

Hey! :D
For fun.Im not expecting to get them btw.
I was brought into this world on 25th of April 1995.
Just wish me. :)

I took this from Yen Theng. :)

Something about Girls....

When a girl is quiet,
Millions of things are running through her mind.
When a girl is not arguing,
She is thinking deeply.
When a girl looks at you with eyes full of question,
She is wondering how long you will be around.
When a girl answers "I'm fine",
After a few seconds she is NOT FINE.
When a girl stares at you,
She is wondering why you're playing games.
When a girl lays her head on your chest,
She wishes for you to be hers forever.
When a girl says she cant live without you,
She has made up her mind that you are her future.
When a girl says 'I LOVE YOU',
No one in this world can miss you more than that.

Something about Boys.

When a boy is quiet,
He has nothing to say.
When a boy is arguing,
He is not in the mood.
When a boy looks at you with eyes full of question,
He is really confused.
When a boy answers 'I'm Fine',
After a few seconds he is actually fine.
When a boy stares at you,
He is either amazed or angry.
When a boy lays his head on your lap,
He is wishing for you to be his everyday.
He is spending a lot of time to get your attention.
When a boy SMS's to you everyday,
He is forwarding them.
When a boy says "I love you",
Its not the first time.
When a boy says he cant live without you,
He has made up his mind that you are his..........for at least a week.

There you have it folks! What do ya think?!

Happy Times :D

Just finished the 1st freaking test.Hard as hell.
So me wanted to talk about THE BIGGEST LOSER ASIA.

Who won?


Who changed the Most?

Garry=GOD.He looked so thin and he has hair on his head!

Cutest Couple?!

Hafiz and Christine!

My Favs:


Thats all.....I wanted to say?! Very short post.

Memory Course 09

I went to a Memory Course to just get my memory better............
Some pics that Nikolas(who is studying photography at college) took pics....
Here's some:
Way Onn doing....god know what?!
Exercise to rush blood to our brains.
Why did I take this pic?Well there's a funny thing that happened here..........

We had to do an activity to raise our confidance.... :/
And the person who got proposed to couldnt laugh or its their turn....
I laughed when Daniel Lim proposed to me......
So I proposed to the dude in the pic.Mohd.Danial.

Weird exercise regimen.
Superman much Oakley?
Listening intently. :D
The whole gang.

Haha! :D
This is for u Nikolas.Cause u always take pic when ppl least expect it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

All The Luck We CAN GET!

Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK for the 1st Test!
You guys can do it! Refrain from sleeping.Cramming is bad though we do it all the time. ;)
Aim for the stars....if you can.

@Peikhim You can do it! :)
@Celine_Leen You always get A's.
@faezarose You are smart.In logic and trivia.
@shahielaC You can do it!Your mind is like that. ;]
@Eetong Smartypants. :D
@FlorenceAnnH can punya.
@SooChin95 Smart as hell.(Even if she doesnt admit it)
@mAy_yIe You are freaky smart!
@celesteeny Smart also mah!
@umieekuris Smarty weirdo.
Talissa Pegi tuition kan.
Fateng Competition.NAK JADI 1ST!!!
Huda Smart ass.
Aqilah Smart Gila.
Hasvini Form 1 is easy as hell.
Beyss and Vaish Plz...U can do it punya.
Suha i need to say more?!

And to others! YOU ALL CAN DO IT! :)

Good Luck again! :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weird Saturday... :/

Yeah...2day Amma woke me up at 8.30 a.m. And I had to get ready and all of us went to eat breakfast and then we went to my parent's office.
I was halfway asleep.
Then we went to JLN REKO, to register me for a tuition.  :/
And then PTM for Thursday's and Fridays.

My Tuition TimeTable.

Thursday: 2.30 p.m - 5.30 p.m.
Friday: 2.30 p.m - 5.30 p.m.
Saturday: 9-12 p.m. (Maths & Science)

Thats all......At least nite I can relax and do homework.

And then we went to Xi Lai Ton and had a meal.

And now im here....doing this. :)

Happy 15th Bday @FlorenceAnnH

Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a great one! :)


Hope you get 7 A's in your PMR.
Hope you succeed in all that you wanna succeed in.


Thanks for always being there! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010


Let me tell of my shitty LOVELY day 2day.

  • In perhimpunan,I had to stand up twice.It wasnt for something bad.I didnt do anything bad okay?Im a GOOD GIRL! ;)
The reason I was standing twice is because....

  1. I got 76.5% on my DELF A1...Which is a French Exam.(I actually just wanted to take my certificate in French Class....but no! Alia had to ask teacher to give in Perhimpunan.Ish.Kembang Buntut Alia.
  2. I became an OFFICIAL PREFECT! YEAH! :)
English=Nothing Special.
Sejarah=Fun....wanna know why?

We asked YT about her boy friend......Thank you YT for being so open! :)
We are living vicariously through you.BTW,bring a pic of him.Me wanna see....

Rehat:Nothing......I jagaed(not a word) my own class since 3 Jed already had a teacher.My class is SO NOISY! You guys be good.
Menaga was lining up with Tanesha....and get this she wasnt in our class at all.

I said, 'Menaga! Go back to your own class,my dear.' When Menaga went....
Henu "Amma."


Ok....May Kay said 'Selamat Pagi Puan Esther.' She was next to me when she said "Shit,its cik.' So me the stupidest person in the world....said CIK and not using my inner voice.
Turns out it was PUAN. WTF RIGHT?

and @faezarose she was not embarassed for me.She was smiling.I made her younger.HAH!

Science was very fun...We talked about Area 51 and anythin to do with space. :)

Prefect Meeting...........SHITSHITSHIT

I was banging my head.B4 i mean.Balqis had to read ikrar....And Balqis was the 1st one to kena.Lets just say it was NOT pretty.I got kena but not directly.

Thank you @shahielaC for not staring at me. :) And for that weird and funny convo.I hope i didnt come off weird.

And I got a lecture from Driver Uncle.

"Cannot drink fizzy drink.Very  bad." haish.

Thats all for now....

BTW : If youre older even by 1 year.You are considered a SENIOR.Dont make me mad and saying rude things.We were the one who taught u.Respect us.

Goofy Much?