Sunday, April 10, 2011 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABEH.

I joined a site cause Pei Khim seemed to make it really interesting! Heard of Or maybe YouthSays?

To celebrate their birthday,they decided to give away AMAZING PRESENTS! Imagine tickets to Maroon 5 and JB! Flight tickets to South Korea or Bali!

Consolation Prizes

Amazing GRAND PRIZES. ;) 

Come on,you know you want it!

So join, what do you have to lose?
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You could win something cool too! ;D

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sexay ;3

The following video is a Korean Pop Ballad performance by TVXQ.If you are going to bash,
don't watch.If you are open,sit back,relax,press play and enjoy! ;)

Need a little bit of sexiness in life? ;p
These two guys.I am an unofficial Cassiopeia. AND I AM PROUD OF IT.

Kickin and Chillin

Since I haven't blogged in quite a long time.I shall start of with a picture!
 Are you laughing? XD

School has been a pain but I am getting by. :) 
I seem to be going to 7Wonders alot with Michelle.So many dates already. We gossip like Ahjumma's.  ;p A.K.A Gossiping old ladies.
On the 6th of April, we had a Debate Competition held at our school.I went to see the finals and our school was against Bandar Tun Hussein Onn School.The guys were seriously hilarious.Very sarcastic.

One guy even said this. "Having beauty doesn't mean you have brains." I TAKE OFFENCE TO THAT.I admit I am no beauty but I have brains.

Even saw Kak Sarah(ex-senior) She came to see her brother from High School debate.They were quite good.An incident happened. ;P During recess,it was so...cute. Ask Florence for it. 

Which brings us back to boys.Me and a couple of others were discussing our types. ;P
In conclusion,my type is very complicated! Can cook,can dance,can sing,over 180 cm. Okay I am wayyy to picky. But hey,lemme dream!
Anyway,Our school won the Debate! Congrats to Convent Debate Team and Faeza Suraya! 

I was going to post a story I have been writing.Shall I? Please direct comments to the chat box------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Also we were looking at Mitosis cells through the microscope today! And our microscope WORKED.Thank god! :) It was freaky clear.And some of us decided to put strands our hair.
Mine is light brown under the microscope! Menaga and Mike's were black.

A Saturday well spent.Its April BABEH.My birth month!

Goofy Much?