Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rocky Road

Friday on 23rd July,my patience was tested.
We had a discussion with our beloved -insertsarcasmhere- Principal about the time-wasting-time-consuming-hateful Mentor-Mentee program.
The woman wasn't even listening to us!
She pointed her finger at all of us and called us nothing.When we were discussing about other class syllabus!!!!!

Let me tell you something woman,
If we are nothing,then we won't be doing anything.
You have no right to call us nothing.
We create our own destiny.If were nothing,then what are you?
Answer that.

We 3Intan and 3Rubi were mad as hell.We kept repeating her words to each other.
And do you know now our classes are no more Intan,Ruby,Mutiara,Nilam,Berlian and Jed?
Now its 3RBM and 3IJN.
Royal Ballet Malaysia and Institut Jantung Negara.

Ok....that wasn't funny.

On a lighter note,
Form 5 prefect's have retired officially on Friday. 
Though I didn't have the guts to say it to them when Pn.Nirmala asked,
Thanks to the Form 5 AJK's. :)
 I understand why you were hard on us,during our training.
It was to make us fearless,
And I want to take this opportunity to tell you all,
I'm sorry if I seemed rude or standoffish. I never meant it.
Thank you for your hardwork. :D You guys rock!
 Kak Sze Ruiy,Kak Nik(Gonna miss her stare! Sorry I picked u as someone I dislike.I like you! ),Kak Mohana,Kak Ezza,Kak Shahiela(Always remember to buy ribbon from her!),Kak Su Ann,Kak Pirvin,Kak Cassandra,Kak Alia and Kak Soo Min. :D 2009/2010 AJK Badan Lembaga AJK's.
Good Luck to all ex-prefects.
 Also Vanessa,for always disturbing me,being an assassin like woman! :)
Kak Syera for always smiling.
Henu for always being her. :D
Just all the owasum Form 5 ex-prefects. :D 

After school,I went Pizza Hut for Aqilah's Birthday!
Alia,Florence,Mei Yeen,Nandhini,Tane,Nabilah,Huda,Qilah,Jessie,Umi and Fera were there.  :D
Fera,Umi and Jessie left early so it was only us Ruby Gurlzz. :D
We shared memories,gossip and everything that happened in Form 1 and Form 2.
Who says gossiping is bad?
Its not if you know the thing is true. :)

Thanks Alia,Florence,Mei Yeen,Tanesha,Nandhini,Nabilah,Huda & Aqilah for a great time! ;) 
We will do it again! :D ORIGINAL Jewel's in the Crown! :D

Song of the week: No Other -Super Junior :')
 MV of the week: Lucifer-SHINee :) 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

10 bucks for change?

Changes are naturally hard to take.
Well,it is for me. 

We had the ultimate reshuffling or as Convent calls it "THE ROMBAKAN KELAS".
I'm still in Ruby.
But Tanesha,Dharshanaa and Kubbah went to Intan. :( Now whenever I see them,we hug. :')

Bright side,Mei Yeen is sitting next to me now,since Faeza went to sit with Eetong.
There is no awkward silence with her. :)
But its no use since I go for the Mentor-Mentee program in Mutiara Class.

And most of the subjects are squished together.Seni is one period I can't take a nap anymore. :p
Sejarah,Maths and Science are three periods each! Can you imagine??

I have to move alot so I stay awake because of this.Weird.

And guess what,I was chosen to be Pandu AJK.
And it is alot of work.Haha. :)

We played Musical Chair and Bang,Bang,DIE!

Hilarious! :D

I was supposed to talk about Genting,but Ill do a short one here first!

I did conquer my chicken and scaredy cat-ness during this trip.I went on the Flying Coaster!Duh-Duhhh-DUM! 
I swear my heart literally stopped.
Wasnt it stupid that I opened my eyes during the scary parts?

We were supposed to pay an extra RM10 to ride this.I'm guessing it's life insurance. ;p

10 bucks for my life? 


Sunday, July 4, 2010

5th of July 1997

Happy Birthday Hasvini Dasnamurthy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Silver Sweetheart :)

Lee Zisang. :D
Who is this?
The girl who was born on this day. 1st of July.

Happy Birthday Ziha! :D 
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday :)to you! Happy Birthday Dear Ziha,Happy Birthday to U! :D

 Make a wish! :D

P.S I didnt make the cake.I found it and took the pic,cause well u play right? ;)

Goofy Much?