Saturday, November 28, 2009

Last Day of School in 2009.... :/

So Nov 20th...was the last day of school.
So I took pics...with my awesome will see that someone is missing....dont ask me why. :/

Sandra! :)

Everyone playing my pictionary.It was funny.BTW sandra and I won. ;)

Again with my pictionary....

With Rabi and Intan.

With Pn.Malar.Teacher...thank you for being an awesome Tamil Teacher.Will never forget.

Posing. :) LOL.

Again.... ;)

A posing session for Huda! Huda YOU ROCK!

Me and Flor....I dont look nice at all.

Michelle....You look like a ghost hanging on me.Haha!

Aswini! :)

Faeza Suraya Roselan! You are amazing! ILY! <3333


Just talking.Aswini was taking pics without us knowing.

My close friend and My Boo Boo Stewart CONFIDANT. :)

HUDA! :)

The gang..

We got Hula Hoops to play with.Mine was a bright orange.

What up?!

HAHA....GO THARSIKA...What the hell am i doing?



Why so angry?

Tal and Faeza! :)

Our last day as Form 2 girls.....

Love all my friend! ILY! <33333


2 Ruby Class Party 2009

I decided to blog.I am very bored now.

The Friday that we had our 1 Malaysia was also the day our 2 Ruby Class Party was to take place at KFC/Pizza Hut(Metropoint).......

I arrived a little late...cause i had to convince my mom to let me go!
Nevermind!I got to go anyway!

I bought KFC and sat down next to Durgha.Ordered Spaghetti in Pizza Hut and just relaxed!

Of course we took pictures too! :)

         Florence took this.Props to her.I dont look stupid!

Mei Yeen and her beloved PA.Sorry Mei Yeen.It was a joke.Sorry Mr.PA.

Flor took this too.

                             Nan and Aswini....Also by Flor....

                                 2 Ruby Class that came to the PAR-TAY!

Candid. :)

U guys look awesome.

                                 Aswini and myself....I look weird.

                                          Sandra and Nandhini. :)

    Huda and Sandy(Monitor and Co-Monitor of 2 Ruby 2009)

                                         Me and Nan. :)

                            Why the hell did i take this pic?WEIRDO!

                                 Blame it on bad lightning!

                                  Candid....Shahfa...took it. 


                              I LOVE NABILAH'S HAIRSTYLE.ON HER ANYWAY!
I ate Spaghetti and pepsi and chatted with my awesome friends. ILY GUYS! <3333

Funny stories:

No#1:Mei Yeen was the joke of the day for 2 Ruby.There was this poor dude that was Mei Yeen's Personal Assistant(A.K.A PA)We picked on her so now i say Sorry Mei Yeen and PA. ;)

No#2:"A CERTAIN PERSON" got hit on by a Pizza Hut Worker.HAHAHA!That was the highlight.We teased that "CERTAIN PERSON" until the end! ;)

Thats all I have to say about our 2 Ruby Class Party.
I am going to blog about the Last Day of School,The Prefect Party,Christmas Carol and New Moon in different posts! :)
Until i dont know when!

2 Ruby Class Princesses 2009
          ILY <33333

A Collage of the Pics.YOU GUYS ROCK! ILY!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

1 Malaysia.... :)

On Friday the 13th (Its such an unlucky number....but luck was on my side) :D...
We had a One Malaysia celebration.It was okay....Most people didn't come.I came for the sake of it.
I wore my punjabi suit with sneakers.I should have wore my gladiators but....My toenails were painted. ;)
But some people said I looked nice so...whateve!
We watched some performances....Indian dances,singing,Malay dances and Chinese dance hence 1 MALAYSIA!
Also Menusha gave me and Faeza duties.We had to sell Can Drinks at RM1 each.
We took pics while doing that!

                                          I love black and white pics...U cant see most flaws!

                                            Goofing off.1 RINGGIT PER CAN!

                                        The 2 versions of this photo...Which do u like better?

                                                                 IM RICH! WOO!!!! :D

                                              My attempt at a LOVE  :) ILY Faeza!

                                                            DONT ASK!

                                                BRRRRRRRRR(Fatin kept uttering this)

I guess we were looking at something!

Then at 12.00p.m....I went back home to get ready for the class partay!
I will blog about that 2morrow.
I think 2 posts is enough for one day right?


Goofy Much?