Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mani Pedi and Finals and School and My LIFE!

Hey yall,
I thought i'd blog since i have a bit of free time. :)

Guess what we did in school this week?
I mean a couple of teachers did teach....but come on.Studying or revisioning in school...You can't concentrate!I can't anyway unless i work hard at it.Which i dont for now.My sister has went to Cameron and i hope she's having fun and comes back home safely.(Even if im angry at her....she's still my sister)I can't come online more since i have to get my computer checked.

I also already did my Syarahan which i am glad for and i got 27/30 which is an awesome mark for me.I was freaking nervous.
But i did good! :)

I didnt go to school because i had a dentist appointment and the slot was clashing.So my mom let me not come.
I got my braces tightened(OW!) and my colours now are pink and white...Dont ask me how.
After that,
Mom brought me to Mines for a....MANI PEDI at The Nail Parlour.

It actually didnt look like this but close!
I guess its to help me relieve stress.I couldnt put colour on my fingers since I am still going to school.For the Pedicure...Mom and I chose the Halloween Special...Cinnamon and Pumpkin Spa.So now my feet smell like PUMPKIN AND CINNAMON! Forget i said that.

But thank you Mom!And Daddy since you were paying for it!
Love you guys so much!

Thanks to Ee Tong and Soo Chin and Yee Wen for the company at school on Wednesday!

Ciao...Until after exams.

Bye! :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Life as you know it.... :D

Actually its not...but you dont know that...But maybe you do...ANYWAY!!!!
I FINISHED MY DRAFT FOR MY BOOK AND I'M UBER EXCITED!!Now...I have to wait and see what the future holds. :) Maybe i suck....maybe i don't.
Since i finished...I have to spend my time study for exam's which start on the 30th October.Sucks right?Its Halloween the day after.And what's suckier than that is that we dont celebrate it in Malaysia!
If i could...I would make a petition to have Malaysian's celebrate Halloween.

Back to the topic of exam's...I'm studying online...which is easier since i am on the laptop for 24/7.
I have to study for English,Malay Language,Science,Maths,Home Eco(ERT),Civic's,Art(The boring kind...I LOVE ART...NOT THE FREAKING THEORY PART!),Geography,History,Health and Moral.OH MY GOD.
Ive been studying but its harder since i have to review...LAST YEAR'S WORK!

I went to MetroPoint just to relax.
My mom,sister and I watched my brother's play in the arcade.
Then we went to a Clearance Sale...and I bought some awesome things.
Remember the Card Games...Donkey,Happy Family,Old Maid and Snap that used to be a huge hit? I bought it for a buck each.Haha.
And WE ate at BBQ Chicken.

Yesterday,the four of us played Twister,Music Statues and Musical Chair(placemats.Try sitting on that)
I won at Musical Statues,My sis at Musical Chair, and my brother at Twister(I was a close second :D )

I guess that's all for now.
I think ill blog after exams.

Ciao for now! 



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Life.....(Deepavali and Holidays)

Well as you may know...Deepavali was on Saturday.It was fun.My family did an Open I would like to take this time to thank.....

Soo Chin
Xiao Ying
Mei Yeen

Thank you guys for coming to my Open House...Pix will be put l8ter...after my exam.

On Sunday,
Night anyway...The rent's took us to Jusco and then an Open House.The hosts had these cute golden retrievers...awww.Anyway...the food was very western(Baked Chicken?.Pasta...Lasagna, hot dogs and Potato Wedges.)
Even afterwards we went to the Sungai Chua Food and Sport's Court.
I had Mee Curry....Hehe...I know im fat.

On Monday.....Night again(It seems that my days are freakishly boring)
We went to Sunway Pyramid.
Hasvini(my sis) and i bought Stationary,some books,pencil boxes(a handphone pouch for my mom) and PICTIONARY....(We were actually looking for Twister...*sigh*but no freaking luck)
We even went to Asian Venue, where i spotted a Halloween Shop.
I saw a pants that had a butt on it.Hehe....
I think ill buy that and my dad actually tried on an Afro Wig.It was freaking HILARIOUS!

BTW....Go to my twitter and follow see tweets about BUTTS.

Then....we went to a Sea Food Shop near Pandan Lake.
The woman doesnt know how to catch a fish.She sprayed water on me.HMPPH!

On Tuesday,4.00...after my bros came back from School...We went to Mines.And watched Cloudy.It wasnt even planned.


  • I love the spray on shoes.
  • I wish the Ice-Cream Thing would REALLY HAPPEN.
  • I want spray on shoes....that can come out!
  • I laughed a lot.My brother too.I was sitting next to him.
Awesome Movie....Wish that would actually happen hehe.

After the movie, we went to Toy City...Vaish got a skate board...Beyssh a space saucer remote control thingy and what about myself and my sister?
We got Twister (Electronic Version) It can also be played musical statues and musical chairs.

Love it.....

I made the fortune thingy again.I LOVE IT.
In the Prefects Meeting...Teacher said we could stop doing the Normal Duties but we still have to keep an eye on the Form 1's :( Pantau them.

A lot of Teachers didnt come and so the class was noisy...What eve right?
Sandy was writing name.Poor Sandy.

Also i took this colour personality test and i got Green.
I am a need to know person.I create new things and I just need to know something so TELL ME! sorry got a little carried away.

Thats all for now.I will blog less until after exams cause i have to concentrate more on my studies and writing.

Ciao for now.  

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Deepavali!

Happy Deepavali!
Just wanted to wish all Indians a Happy Deepavali!
Enjoy this joy-filled celebration!!!

Happy Deepavali again!

P.S.Fireworks have already started!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Well....I havent posted in a long time....
Deepavali is coming near as in its 2morrow and im uber excited!
I only wanted to say....Well heres something.

Fatin,Tal and I

I: Guys, wanna play a game.
(Theres this game it something like fortune)
Fatin and Tal: Sure!
In the end Fatin got: Future bf will be Handsome and Muscular,Rich and Kind,Thin and Tall,Farts and Burps alot,Poor and Stinky.
Tal got:Rich and Kind,Thin and Tall,Stupid and gossips alot,Talks like a girl.....

Thats all for now!
I will make a longer post after Deepavali!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Bday!

 Happy 14th Birthday Suhashini! <3

    I hope you have an awesome bday! <3 Love you.

                               p.s.Ill give you your present on Monday!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Regarding the weird title....
You know how people sometimes use different words for things?

My Ballet Teacher for New Romeo and Julliet(a play),Mr.W....doesnt use the word butt at all....He uses PO-PO....(I know right?)

P.S I also have a word.You know people use my ass? I use my foot!


P.S.S Comment and tell me about your weird words.

School and Holidays....and BABY?!

Well....Yesterday at was not that eventful.I did my duty and everything.......
But i also did a glitter collection.

The cute part was an accident by the way.
I wanted to do <3 but i accidently did > and i hate this >.<

Haha....  :)

TharsikaDR is my twitter.

Florence didnt and Ee tong discussed Shane Dawson.
Whatever.Thats all for school.

And the promised class photos......

Unformal pic....2 Rubi Class 2009.

Formal pix. 2 Ruby 2009

On Wednesday(2day),
I went to my new nephew who was born on October 6.
He's so cute and chubby....

Thats all for now my readers!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

School And New Addition

I would like to start by saying Hey!!
And also congratulate my cousin and cousin in law! My cousin in law just gave birth to a baby boy!
So school....well since PMR Exams are on Wednesday(Good Luck to all PMR students!)the Form 1's get Tuesday And Wednesday Off.So the form 2's were all alone.
We had a prefects meeting where teachers talked about mentee's, us and PMR.
Then Sejarah teacher made us do Latihan.BTW Thanks Celine for letting me touch(molest) the marker that was touched by....(get this) BOYS LIKE GIRLS!!!!AHH! haha.Florence touched it more btww.
After that,Geo......teacher taught as always.
BM.....Bicara Buat Guru komsas and a little thing our teacher said.

Pn.Norisa: (TRANSLATED)If you publish a book it will live on forever.Your daughter can read it and your grandchildren can read it.

The moral is: Follow your heart to achieve your dreams!

Rehat, i did my duty and bought Ice Cold Cincau after that! Science, we got our class picture and also i received my prefect pix.(will post it on l8ter)
 For maths Mr.Ng taught Solid Geometry!

Another thing, our school had a penghayatan Nilai Murni thing.They had a quiz and a coloring competition.But the thing is we thought we'd win the quiz.
But instead we won the Coloring?Im telling you i colored like shit since i wasnt in the mood.But imagine we won!

Group Members:
Tharsika : me ;)
Low Mei Yeen
Kong Chiau Yen 
Tang Yoon Yee 
Hoo Yien Yien.....

Now im chilling at home.Hehe.

Ciao for now.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Mondays.... :)

I am always dreading Mondays......but this Monday was a bit how do you say special?

Well first....I got my awesome new broadband today...hehe! So i could tend to my poor myspace which had been neglected for 2 months.
When i got to always we had a Assembly.
I saw Cik Suzi take a form 1 girls book and she showed it to Faeza.
I later went to ask Faeza the dirty secrets.

Me:Hey! I cant believe Cik Suzi showed you the book.What was in it?
Faeza: Oh....Nothing much...Just the normal "Hate School"
I nodded.

In English which was the first 2 periods, we got to do our Environmental Proposals.Each team was given 5000 dollars.

The money:



As you can see it is play money.

Our proposal:

This is actually the 2nd part!

The more colorful and this was my part!

Nan's part but dont ask my why its upside down...

Also for our proposal we got 8000 PLAY DOLLARS.

which was one of the top groups by the way.

After that, we had moral and i was disturbing my best friend and partner in crime,Suha.You see Suha's Bday is coming up! Woot! 10/10/2009....Next year it will be 10/10/10.
The convo went like this.

Me: (nudged Suha) So....what do you want to do for your BDAY?!
Suha: Nothing.
Me: Then....what should i get you?
Suha: How about a ring. (you see Suha brought me a bracelet with charms for my bday on 25th April)
Me: (To annoy Suha) Oh..okay! Ill buy you the one with Shin Chan's butt on it.
Suha: (Looked at me with an annoyed look...ha! i win) You will do no such thing!
Me: Okay! Okay! Why dont we go to dinner.Your dad can pay!
Suha: (Laughs) Thats not a problem but he's lazy to go out.
Me:Come on Su! Ask them.
Suha: Okay! I will!
I grinned.

Recess...I had to do my prefect duties.Toilet....Sad right?
I know.
Convo with Florence and Ee tong and sometimes Fatin during Maths and Science(Teacher was absent! God,im a good girl okay?)
Florence: Tharsika, go watch Smosh.
Me: (shakes head)Sorry nu huh.
Ee Tong: Come on Smosh is awesome! Anthony and Ian are HAWT.
Me: Give me a proposal and dont say just because theyre hawt.
There they were talking about smosh.Then Fatin joined.
Fatin:Anthony is hot.

Geo was nothing special teacher taught Bab 15.
Ballet...was fun in a torturous kind of way...

We did grande battment(is this how you spell it) with a twist.Taekwando Style.Hehe!
And we had to do this jumping stuff and Celine started doing it the Cowboy way...Hmm..

In the end, Ms.Chong made us split on the floor in a circle holding each others shoulders and I got my pointe shoe 2day.But it looks weird.What eve right?

Thats all for now.........WAIT JUST A MINUTE!

This pix are from our glitter glue sessions with Talissa! Props to ya gurl!

    In support to Boo Boo Stewart... :)


Florence did the phrase, i just did the pic. the smiley face.

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  The pic explains all.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thivyan's Naming Ceremony

News FLASH!!!!
I'm with it yo! :)
Thivyan is my one month old Nephew.A naming Ceremony is where old people like parents,married or even non not sure...hehe.....Feed the baby sugared water and say his or her name in this case his.
Let me just say he loved! and i mean LOVED the water.He wanted more.He's so cute!

In the car,my dad started singing along to Right round,Low and Right Na Na.(I still cant believe he likes these dad is not old -fashioned to say.....but i love him.)
We were there at around 7.30p.m.
Mom went straight for the baby since she had his cot decorations.
Many people only started arriving at about 8.00ish.
My siblings and all tweens,teens and kids got goodie bags but all  the grownup ate most of it. :( sigh.......
I guess that was it.I was chasing my youngest brother and his friends(all tiny) around and just had fun.

Props to Thivyan and Congrats to my cousin and her husband.

Thats all for now.


Saturday, October 3, 2009


On Thursday,well....Our English teacher didnt come....and we didnt do anything ForArt...since our project was done....
Our Project(Done by TharsikaDR,Ashwini,Nandhini,Mei Yeen,Vaani and Durgha) you can also see it here!
Title: BoyBot =)
After that,We had Maths and of course Mr.Ng wanted to teach us....Rotation(cause the man wanted to the finish the Transformation Chappie)
Then Recess, the place where we did Kesalahan otherwise known as mistakes to make the Calon Pengawas's suffer.(i love this part)
English....Nothing....We just played with Tal's Glitter and Non=Glitter Glues.Will post the result pics l8ter!
Special props to Talissa Tatiana for letting us use them!Then Pn.Hanita and Cik Suzilawati(our discipline teachers) called me to the library.I was sitting there with my mentee.I was even nervous than other prefects friends had already warned me about this.
I didnt know what to expect.
I sat there quietly while Pn.Hanita and Cik Suzi read the Laporan that i did.I only wrote 3 negatives things!Most of it were positive.But she was good.
At least she didnt breakdown.
I even told Pn.Hanita and Cik Suzi about Jocelyn behaviour.
Me: (My mentee already left) Cikgu, say nak cakap sikit tentang Jocelyn.
(Translation: Teacher, I wanna talk a bit about Jocelyn)
Pn.Hanita: (nodded) Tentang kasut dia, kan? Cikgu dah dapat tahu.Tetapi Cikgu nak tahu kalau dia dah padam.
(T:About her shoes,right?I already found out.But i want to know if she aleay erased it.)
I nodded.
Cik Suzi: Dia hanya kapur.Jadi masih boleh tengok bayang-bayang.
(T:She only liquided it, can still see the shadows)
Pn.Hanita:Tak pe.Saya akan suruh dia beli KASUT BARU.
(T:Nevermind, we have to make her buy new shoes as a punishment.)
Me: Baiklah Cikgu.
(T:Alright Teacher.)
Pn.Hanita: Tharsika,tolong panggil Aruna dan suruh dia panggil Mentee dia,Thamil Thamarai.
(T:Tharsika please call Aruna and tell her to call her Mentee,Thamil Thamarai)
I nodded and thanked both of them before going to 2 Intan and telling Aruna that Pn.Hanita and Cik Suzi wanted to see her.
ME: Aruna,Cik Suzi and Pn.Hanita want to see you and Thamil.
Aruna looked like a deer caught in headlights
Aruna: Why?
Me:They wanna talk lah.I think Thamil is in the library.Pn.Hanita and Cik Suzi also in the library.Bye!!!!
I ran upstairs.
During PE,we made a Video Blog otherwise known as a Vlog.(I think Florence posted it on her FaceBook.....My voice ius going to suck anyway...UGH!)
Then I didnt go to rehearsal that day since i had stomach pains.
That was my Thursday.
On Friday,
My brothers stayed home from school...I hated it.I love them but they are ANNOYING THE HELL OUT OF ME.(Excuse my language)
I just started writing and listening to music upstairs.(BTW I am currently writing a novel titled Belle Of the Ball) :)
When i went to school, i busted Menaga for Contenging(Scribbling) on the white board.HAHA.
Suha came at around 1.50p.m.I told her to take my books cause i had to go tugas at the Gate.
I reached there at about 2.00 to see my Mentee already there.
Me: You're early,Lisa.
Lisa: Tugas start 2.oop.m right?
Me: 2.05 my dear.
Lisa: (laughed) oh okay.
I questioned her about some prefect things.
Then i went to Tamil Class.
We didnt do anythin but teacher told us some ghost stories.2 to be exact.It was fun.I wanna know do you guys believe in ghosts or spirits?
I do.
Sejarah( History), teacher made us do some exercises.Recess again.Kesalahan again.Hehe.
KH....ERT...we had to finish the pola's for our skirts.
Teacher went for the State Review......
Thats all for now.
Saturday will come.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Long time.

Wow....Its been like a long time since i been here,freaky.
Anyway...I'm writing a book so i thought posting my life would be awesome.

This was something that happened on Monday i think.....(Taken from Faeza Suraya)=)

Tharsika: FAEZA! You gotta come see this. Jocelyn wrote on her shoe--using GOLD MARKER!
You see, Jocelyn is this Form 1 girl who is whack in the head.
Here was what she wrote on her shoes;
On the right shoe: "Pn Shanti sucks......."
On the left shoe: "You suck......"
Me: What the f--
Tharsika: WHAT did you DO to your shoes, Jocelyn!?
So then we gathered Joanne, Menusha and Subah.
Menusha: Do you have classes with Pn. Shanti today!?
Jocelyn: No, teacher never come.
Menusha: *sighs with relief*
Me: I swear, you better wash your shoes! I want to see them clean by tomorrow.
Tharsika: Or we take you to see Pn. Shanti and let her see your shoes!
Me: Exactly! You better wash them, Jocelyn!
Jocelyn: Okayokayokay.
Tharsika: .........or you could just liquid them.

I was freakily angry!~
Will update l8ter for more.=)


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