Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Land Of KPOP.

True to the title,on November 24th,my family took a trip to Korea.Our flight was at 2.15p.m and was scheduled to arrive at Incheon International Airport around 9.30p.m.Then we got on the bus to Seoul Western Hotel which took about 1 hour and 30 minutes and checked in.For dinner,the other family who had mostly adults and 2 young children were really nice.They asked us to follow them to eat and found a small Korean restaurant with two ahjummas. :]
I wasn't that hungry because it was midnight so I ordered dumplings. ;p Kimchi didn't agree with my family and I only ate some.The spice hit my ear. :/
At the airport waiting for our bags.


There is no breakfast restaurant in Korea so we went to a buffet style restaurant.Then,we went to the National Folklore Museum.
Father acting as the Korean President. :]
My parents.<3

Gyeongbok Palace was next on our list which was a palace during the Joseon dynasty.

Trick of Eye Museum is a museum where you can see illusions.It was really cool and fun taking pictures there.My dad did really funny things.
Baby catching a boat. :] Its a painting if you haven't noticed.

Then,a long bus ride to Pyeongchang where the 2018 Winter Olympics would be held.It was the Ski Resort.Duke told me that the hotel where we would be staying at was the place they filmed Autumn in My Heart.We had to rent ski outfits to ski the next day.
Ate Korean BBQ for dinner which I LOVED. :]


Originally I didn't want to ski because it was damned expensive but I got a long lecture,that I would be here once and that I should make the best of it.So i did...most of the time,I fell down.
Duke taught us four how to ski and he was really funny.
Duke and Baby!

At around 10,we checked out of the hotel and went on a journey back to Seoul and arrived there at 2.
Lotte World! :] My family and I decided to go on a Sinbad ride.While in line,Duke grabbed me and baby and asked us to do a selca with him. :] He sat with Vaishwen and my dad,while the three of us sat behind them.When there was a drop,Vaishwen got freaked out and Duke thought it was adorable.Pssh.That was also when I first noticed that Korean girls my age started looking at Vaishwen and calling him cute.
I went on the Giant Loop a 360 degree ride which freaked me out.I thought I was going to die.At 7,we left Lotte World and went for dinner.

Oh,and now we had to make Kimchi.Again the spice was too much to handle and WE TRIED ON TRADITIONAL KOREAN OUTFITS. We took a family portrait and my parents took a traditional korean wedding photo.Freaky.
Making Kimchi which would be sent to a shelter. :)

Then checked in to the SAME hotel we slept in the first night! ;]


After Breakfast,Duke brought us to Myeongdong but since the Underground Shopping Centre wasn't opened yet,he took us into Lotte Duty Free which was a shopping complex.I got slightly excited looking at JYJ's pictures because they were one of the celebrity promoters there.Duke came over and gave me a JYJ Lotte Duty Free file which you couldn't buy.

Pictures of them in Star Avenue. <3

I touched it to compare.Yoochun's hand is the same size as mine! :]

We walked around all 10 floors then when Myeondong opened we went there.At 1.30p.m,we went to lunch.
Then it was off to Gimpo Domestic Airport to take a flight to Jeju Island.

Went to Dragon Head Rock and Mysterious Ghost Road.Then off to watch the funny jump show.It was pretty cool.Not much words just funny fights in a family.

The couple who got married in the show. :)


Visited Seongsanam Sunrise Peak where you can see all of Jeju and met diver woman.In Jeju,women are divers.Men stay at home.GIRL POWER!
Then,we went to the Glass Castle which had these amazing statues made of glass.This is where  I heard Ill Protect You by Kim Jaejoong from Protect the Boss and I sang along.
O'Sulloc Tea Museum was next on our list.Duke told us the Greean Tea ice cream there is the best.We were looking through Green Tea products when he came licking the ice cream and offering it to me.I laughed and shook my head.I bought Green Tea BB Cream from Innisfree which was there and went to buy the Green Tea ice cream.My mum decided to buy a Green Tea and Black Tea Cake which was really tasty.

Then,my favourite place in the whole world,the Tuseum Safari! Its a place where they have teddy bears! SO ADORABLE.


We were supposed to leave Jeju Island in the morning,but because of haze,the earliest flight was 4pm.So Duke brought us to the Ginseng shop,Amethyst shop and Cosmetic shop in Jeju.
After lunch,we transferred to the airport for our flight back to Seoul.It was 5 when we arrived.
We were brought to the 40 minute foot spa and facial for our relaxation part.Bought some final souvenirs,got to try banana milk(YUM) and finally went to Incheon International Airport for our flight back to Malaysia.


Arrived in KL at 7a.m.Went to sleep immediately. :]

And that everybody was our amazing trip to Korea.People there were really nice and I had a good time.Im planning to go again after SPM.Hopefully!

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