Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

Happy New Year! :D
Its a new year 2011.

You know how we have a new year resolution every new year?
This year, my resolutions are:-
1) Never give up when it comes to studies!

2) Enjoy everyday of 2011.
3) Be myself.Always be me.

Well,readers...treat 2011 as a new chapter of life.Enjoy it! 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 3-Your Parents

At this age,
I get angry at my parents very fast.I think everyone who is around my age can say the same right?
But I still love them to death.

My parents are also the type of people, if I want anything,I just ask them and they'll try to get it for me.
I don't get allowances,so our conversation's go like this.

Me:Can I get money?
Mum:For what?
Me: A CD?
Mum: What's the use?
Dad: Here's the money.

That's how it goes!

Going to the Movies.

I went to 3 movies this holidays! :)

First was Megamind


  • It was okay,I laughed at many parts. :)
  • I loved the part where Megamind answered the phone and said "ELO" :D
  • Personally I think Titan is disgusting and a butthead.
  • FISH is adorkable and loyal! 
The next one was Rapunzel: The Tangled Tale


  • How does she walk with all that hair??? (At least she has help from her "mother"/kidnapper.

 This guy was funny.I prefer the cartoon one compared to the real one. DONT YOU? :)
He was so cute!

And the last was my FIRST ever Indian movie @ the theater in Metro Kajang.

APPALAM (The indian version of Papadom)

  • It's a story about how the death of a mother/wife made a father overprotective of his daughter.
  • He followed her EVERYWHERE.Made food and brought it to school.And fed her there.
  • When she went off to college,he quit everything and became a gardener at her college (Without her knowing ofcourse)
  • It's a really funny story! :)

Goofy Much?