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I Like it, I Love it and I Post it: BAP and EXO giveaway: So I will start my giveaway today. Fyi I will be heading to Korea tomorrow for my summer school so all albums for this giveaway is original ...

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Land Of KPOP.

True to the title,on November 24th,my family took a trip to Korea.Our flight was at 2.15p.m and was scheduled to arrive at Incheon International Airport around 9.30p.m.Then we got on the bus to Seoul Western Hotel which took about 1 hour and 30 minutes and checked in.For dinner,the other family who had mostly adults and 2 young children were really nice.They asked us to follow them to eat and found a small Korean restaurant with two ahjummas. :]
I wasn't that hungry because it was midnight so I ordered dumplings. ;p Kimchi didn't agree with my family and I only ate some.The spice hit my ear. :/
At the airport waiting for our bags.


There is no breakfast restaurant in Korea so we went to a buffet style restaurant.Then,we went to the National Folklore Museum.
Father acting as the Korean President. :]
My parents.<3

Gyeongbok Palace was next on our list which was a palace during the Joseon dynasty.

Trick of Eye Museum is a museum where you can see illusions.It was really cool and fun taking pictures there.My dad did really funny things.
Baby catching a boat. :] Its a painting if you haven't noticed.

Then,a long bus ride to Pyeongchang where the 2018 Winter Olympics would be held.It was the Ski Resort.Duke told me that the hotel where we would be staying at was the place they filmed Autumn in My Heart.We had to rent ski outfits to ski the next day.
Ate Korean BBQ for dinner which I LOVED. :]


Originally I didn't want to ski because it was damned expensive but I got a long lecture,that I would be here once and that I should make the best of it.So i did...most of the time,I fell down.
Duke taught us four how to ski and he was really funny.
Duke and Baby!

At around 10,we checked out of the hotel and went on a journey back to Seoul and arrived there at 2.
Lotte World! :] My family and I decided to go on a Sinbad ride.While in line,Duke grabbed me and baby and asked us to do a selca with him. :] He sat with Vaishwen and my dad,while the three of us sat behind them.When there was a drop,Vaishwen got freaked out and Duke thought it was adorable.Pssh.That was also when I first noticed that Korean girls my age started looking at Vaishwen and calling him cute.
I went on the Giant Loop a 360 degree ride which freaked me out.I thought I was going to die.At 7,we left Lotte World and went for dinner.

Oh,and now we had to make Kimchi.Again the spice was too much to handle and WE TRIED ON TRADITIONAL KOREAN OUTFITS. We took a family portrait and my parents took a traditional korean wedding photo.Freaky.
Making Kimchi which would be sent to a shelter. :)

Then checked in to the SAME hotel we slept in the first night! ;]


After Breakfast,Duke brought us to Myeongdong but since the Underground Shopping Centre wasn't opened yet,he took us into Lotte Duty Free which was a shopping complex.I got slightly excited looking at JYJ's pictures because they were one of the celebrity promoters there.Duke came over and gave me a JYJ Lotte Duty Free file which you couldn't buy.

Pictures of them in Star Avenue. <3

I touched it to compare.Yoochun's hand is the same size as mine! :]

We walked around all 10 floors then when Myeondong opened we went there.At 1.30p.m,we went to lunch.
Then it was off to Gimpo Domestic Airport to take a flight to Jeju Island.

Went to Dragon Head Rock and Mysterious Ghost Road.Then off to watch the funny jump show.It was pretty cool.Not much words just funny fights in a family.

The couple who got married in the show. :)


Visited Seongsanam Sunrise Peak where you can see all of Jeju and met diver woman.In Jeju,women are divers.Men stay at home.GIRL POWER!
Then,we went to the Glass Castle which had these amazing statues made of glass.This is where  I heard Ill Protect You by Kim Jaejoong from Protect the Boss and I sang along.
O'Sulloc Tea Museum was next on our list.Duke told us the Greean Tea ice cream there is the best.We were looking through Green Tea products when he came licking the ice cream and offering it to me.I laughed and shook my head.I bought Green Tea BB Cream from Innisfree which was there and went to buy the Green Tea ice cream.My mum decided to buy a Green Tea and Black Tea Cake which was really tasty.

Then,my favourite place in the whole world,the Tuseum Safari! Its a place where they have teddy bears! SO ADORABLE.


We were supposed to leave Jeju Island in the morning,but because of haze,the earliest flight was 4pm.So Duke brought us to the Ginseng shop,Amethyst shop and Cosmetic shop in Jeju.
After lunch,we transferred to the airport for our flight back to Seoul.It was 5 when we arrived.
We were brought to the 40 minute foot spa and facial for our relaxation part.Bought some final souvenirs,got to try banana milk(YUM) and finally went to Incheon International Airport for our flight back to Malaysia.


Arrived in KL at 7a.m.Went to sleep immediately. :]

And that everybody was our amazing trip to Korea.People there were really nice and I had a good time.Im planning to go again after SPM.Hopefully!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Super Sweet 16.

On the 8th of November 1995, a girl was born into this world.
That girl had wings and could fly anywhere she wanted.She was deemed a supergirl to everyone around.

Hehe, just kidding.
But this girl has an amazing Americana accent that people praise and make fun of by trying to follow her bullet train speech.But no one can.

No one can be a diva and get away with it...but she can. ;]

Its now 16 years later,
She's still is amazing,brilliant and owasum!


Here's a cake I made for you! 

 Just kidding.OF COURSE I DIDNT MAKE IT.But I wish I could! ;]
(I couldnt find one with a Ravenclaw scarf though)

Love you BB, thanks for being my friend and have a great birthday.God Bless!

Something to make you laugh now!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Book Worm!


Yes, I know I have neglected this blog this few months. :[ Bad person.Anyways...Can I say its been busy?

Update on my life:

1. Made Chairperson of Girl Guide's 2nd Unit!
 Pretty busy with the Annual General Meeting which was killer to plan,but with all my friends helping out,it was okay! :]

2.Secretary of the Prefectorial Board.
It was a long,grueling process and it seems along the way I was way lost, but all in all, yes I got the position! 


I could not use it yet, as I had to go somewhere with the family. When we got back, I was looking at the twitter feed and I saw the Faeza(She got in too,because we entered on Day 3) got into Ravenclaw! (A house which I was hoping to get but I was fine with any house!) I got sorted and house was....

It was a surprise, I mean I honestly thought Slytherin? Really? But I took it on like a sport and started earning points for my House by brewing potions.
I can proudly state I have brewed all potions at least more than 3 times except Herbicide, I brewed alot and sent it as gifts but I have one Herbicide for myself. (My cauldron kept bursting at this)
I had Slytherin Pride. :]
 Now for my friends who have been officially sorted on Pottermore!
Eetong      -Hufflepuff
Roshinee   -Hufflepuff
Faeza       -Ravenclaw
Jessie       -Ravenclaw
Megan       -Ravenclaw
Arvina       -Ravenclaw
Xiao Ying   -Gryffindor
Lili            -Gryffindor
Michelle     -Slytherin
Hasvini      -Slytherin

NOW REFERING TO THE TITLE OF THIS POST.I'm sure most of you are wondering no? 

Well on 17th September, my mom brought us to the MPH Distributors Warehouse Sale. It was really a wonder to go around and look through boxes for books.
Books that cost RM3,RM5,RM8...and so on. ----->CHEAP DEALS.

Me and Hasvini's loot from the Sale! :]

YESTERDAY, We went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale~
I was literally disturbing my parents for a whole week to bring me and my siblings!
We arrived at MAEPS and Dad parked really near so we wouldn't have to take the bus.But it was a long walk.
Conversation between me and dad.
Me: No limit?
Dad nodded.
Me: YAY.
Mum :What? No! You have exams and yet you are still.
Mum :Fine.

Me runs into Hall A and see many people with boxes going around.Some on the floor rummaging through.I knew it was going to be packed. We went at around 4.30p.m and it was PACKED. Well with a minimum 75%-95% discount who wouldn't be here?

It was awesome! I bought 3 Horrible Histories which Ive been itching to get ever since Eetong sent a link of the video to me. :]
Saw Clarissa and Sandra.Clarissa and I chatted for a bit and her sister was shocked at the amount of nice books we got. 

 Didn't we buy ALOT. :] But yeah it was fun! :]

I started writing again! Ive been sending it to some friends and most of them gave me very good feedback.
My biggest fan so far would be Talissa Tatiana. <3

So hopefully I finish it by this year! :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The End of a Decade.

Looking at the title of this post,I'm sure you guys are wondering what it is.
But if you guys already guessed it...Congrats~
Yes,it was a referral to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. ♥


An epic end to an amazing series.

 Truth be told,the first story book that I ever picked up (an actual story book) was when I was 7/8 years old and it had a picture of a train on it. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. After that I was hooked on books.

Also the craze now is Pottermore, the site created by J.K Rowling that is going to continue our Harry Potter journey.
I was really jealous of people who got in on the first 2 days.So on the 3rd day, Faeza and I worked hard to get in.Waiting since 5pm for the clue to arrive.The clue was really hard but Eetong helped us throughout the whole way.Telling us to levitate the quill and all.That was when...

My sister got in on the 5th Day.THE CLUE WAS SO EASY. Her's is SKYHEX198.Pretty name isnt it?

On another note,I also already watched Rise Of the Planet of the Apes! My two fave actors, James Franco and Tom Felton are both in this movie!


The movie quality was quite bad at first for me because I like HD type of movies. Let's just say I'm never going to belittle an ape or a monkey.They're scary.But this movie shows that experiments on animals are cruel.

James Franco plays a scientist who wants to create a virus that helps fight Alzheimer's and he brings a baby ape home.
Worker at the "Ape Sanctuary" (kononnya) that belittles Caesar...well something bad will happen to him after that.Also may I mention, in this movie , he has A FULL ON AMERICAN ACCENT? 

Give Animal Cruelty a BIG NO.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Princess and The Frog!

On the 2nd of July 2011,it was finally Sport's Day! No more staying back on Thursday for Sport's Practice.Rejoice!
We had 1MALAYSIA run and also Sport's Day straight after.
I reached school at about 6.15a.m (way to early) to help out with last minute details.I was there with Michelle and Jessie and Sandra in the Art Room.Staring at the frog head.Let me tell you,our school is scary when there are no lights!
People started arriving around 6.40a.m.We had to get Laivinia ready because mascots have to be ready by the time the run starts.
In Kajang Town yo~ Honk for the frog! (Two people actually did!)

After the run ended,we had to change Laivinia into her longer skirt.And I had to change into my pavada. ;] We had times to do last minute things to our mascot and ready the cast for perbarisan!

Very busy in the art room!

Our perbarisan! :]
Lemme explain the mascots.

Red House- The Red Queen and her Two Card Soldiers.

 Blue House- Alice in Wonderland,the Rabbit and the Butterfly
 Yellow House- The Simpsons

And you clearly know our Green House is The Princess and The Frog! :]

As always we knew we were getting last place overall.
But we had to keep up our tradition of winning the March,the Mascot and also Aerobics. :]

We did!The results were as followed! 
Aerobics:1st Place-Green
March- Joint 1st- GREEN AND YELLOW
Mascot: 1st Place- GREEN 2nd Place-Yellow

Overall winners were the Blues! Congratulations!

Now some ridiculous pics of me and my owasum friends! Mei Yeen isn't here because she had to do St.John's duty! -_-


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teacher's Day Horror

As the title states, Teacher's Day is a horror when you have to be the one in charge of finding and coordinating the shows on that day.Especially if you're the leader.

Let's start with my week shall we?


Talking with Pn.N, getting my ideas shut down.Meeting Madame S and making time slots for students to audition for her so she can pick the performers.


Sukan Tara has started.Green House had to do "Lompat Jauh". My first was a "BATAL" and on the second jump, I got 1 point. During the 100m run, I got a BIG FAT EGG.But hey,I got 1 point just for participating.
After Recess, Celine and I along with Prashanthini had to see Pn.N,she was a big help! I then had to become a runner for Madame S, starting from 12 O'clock.Sitting with her and listening to her comments on each performance.


Today,Green House had to do "Lontar Peluru" I got 3 points on the first try!Yay!
 Became Madame S's runner AGAIN.Running around, calling people,telling them if they are in or not and also listening to everything I needed to find for Raptai. 


Dreaded Raptai.Running around, finding the bloody extensions that work.Can I just state our school's PA system SUCKS.


The D-Day had arrived.First matter of business was Perasmian.I was crossing my fingers for Faeza and Jessie! Hoping their banner didn't fall or was not stuck.But luckily it wasn't. Then Prefects got called to pick up our presents, to give the teachers.I didn't know which teacher I was supposed to give,but the Teacher in front of me was Madame S. Lol. After Perasmian,was our CLASS PARTY.
Class Party with 4 Intan was just EPIC.We played Of Course and The Talk Show Mission Game and it was LAUGH'S all around. :) <3
At 10.00a.m, I left to go pick up the extensions and find a radio that could WORK.Luckily other prefects were also helping.We readied everything for the games since they were first. The tying saree game,Chopsticks game and the kompang game.Teacher's Day is one of the day's you can find teacher's acting just like students! :]
I also was really honored when a staff member came up and told me to deliver the message that a teacher's husband wanted to wish her HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and present her with a HUGE BOUQUET of FLOWERS. Imagine a pavilion full of girls going "AWWWWWWWWWWWWW"
Then all the performer's started.Technical difficulties all the way man. :l 
But it was a success? Can I say that?


I went for Super Junior M's free concert at Hari Belia.Shall update with pics once I get them from Xiao Ying.But I had fun with Michelle,Xiao Ying and Sandra(Michelle's Sister) I have to say all of them. Zhou Mi,Henry,Eunhyuk,Sungmin,Ryeowook,Kyuhyun were the ones there.Siwon and Donghae weren't there sadly! :[ 
They performed Perfection, all of them performed solo's [Except Sungmin] and the encore was "Super Girl" ♥

On another note!
I watched Pirates Of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides


Truthfully I only watched it for Jack Sparrow!

Goofy Much?