Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Holder?

I know were weird! :)

This was an advertisement competition for ELS. :)
We won 3rd. :)

Our hit song.

When you need a lot of storage and you need a complete package.Just search for the Major Panzer.It looks like an apartment cuz it has many compartments,with this you'll never be a loser..cuz you have a Major Panzer! Major Panzer for you!!! OLEEEEEEE!!! =) Call us at 1300-13-1300 and get your Panzer today!

The winner! :)

The Boobanizer which grows boobs?

The Bird Feeder. :)

The Poop Filter.It filters shit into gas.Can U believe it?

Hahaha. :) Bye.

p.s.As u can see in a better mood. :) Wove my unni for making me feel better.

Mood (Goes out the window)

Sorry Ive been moody lately.
Everything seems so screwed up.
And Im deciding that maybe i should withdraw from something.
I dont know why people chose me but clearly they made the wrong choice right?
Find someone better not a person like me.

P.S.I know its my birthday week and I havent done my birthday post yet.
Just take note: Worst Bday Week Ever.

Now you know Im a loser right?

Friday, April 23, 2010

When a Camera is Near.

The title basically says it all. ;)
Umie brought camera on Tuesday and I brought mine on Wednesday! :)
Its amazing wat pictures can do.BTW,A camera is an important Must-Have in a Teen's Life. (Many people would agree.)
The weird one is who? Soo Chin Of Course!

Suka yew Faeza? ;)

PJK time we were playing this game like "Simon Says" but this was "Do this".
When someone says do this,u do it.When she says do that,dont do or ure out!
It was fun.Hhaha. :)

Masa rehat. :)

Barisan Pengawas

This is wat happens when time moves very fast. RUN PREFECT RUN.

Then my camera yeah? :)

I know this looks wrong.I really do. Kreshaa and Eunice everybody! :)

Eetong cute face! :)

Pm.Menirah! :) Showing Batik thingy's.
Your own self yew Soo Chin?

A laughing fit with Kimmay. ;)

Tahulah saya pendek kan? ;p

Malu yew Kimmay? :)

A finally the things I do when Im bored.

And one that my boo did! ;) Faeza Suraya Roselan.

Camera+Friends=Owasum Memories.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Speaking to Public.

Hey.Guess what?
I got forced  entered a Public Speaking Competition.
It was with the other Form 3's.

3 Intan representatives:


3 Rubi representative:


3 Mutiara representative:

Shalini. akawitch

3 Jed,Nilam and Berlian...
No one.

Long story short.

1st: Tarishka....or known as me! (There was an error.My name is Tharsika)

So yeah I won.
Weird huh?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Frog Girlz. dad went Thailand a couple of days ago and came back today weeeeeee! :D
I havent had a chance to talk to him yet though cause he's tired?
Look what he got me!

My new friend,Froggy Girlz! :)

Frogs seem to like me. :)

Remember Tali gave me a frog pencil and the story of "seeorang katak"?

Haha! :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Night Fury or Toothless?

I watched How To Train Your Dragon in Mines yesterday!
The ticket my dad bought said "HTTYD" so my brother was like "We're watching HYTOD?"
I said its:

H ow
T o
T rain
Y our
D ragon

hahaha. :)


I loved the Night Fury's expressions! :)
I hate Astrid.

It was an awesome movie! :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

SMKCK Sports Day 2010.

SMKCK had its 50th (Jubilee Emas) Sports Day today,9th April 2010.
A couple of weeks ago,Henusha approached me and was like....

Henusha:Do you know pom-pom?
Henusha:You are the pom-pom girl.

Henusha went...before I could do something. :(

So I did.With Man Su Ann.(AJK:Penyelaras Rekod Disiplin)
She bought the baju and my wonderful grandma did the skirt! :)
And we had a problem with the tali rafia that Henusha bought....but solved with my daddy and mummy's quick thinking!

I came to school at 7.00a.m. since Beysh,Vaish,and Has didnt want to go earlier.Hmmm.
I went to the Bilik Seni and changed into my cheerleader/Tennis outfit.

Thanks to a Form 5 Berlian Senior for making me up! :)

Doesnt it look like a tennis outfit?Su Ann looks gorgeous.*SIGHS LOUDLY*

Our Green House Mascots were:
Peter Pan and TinkerBell! (AWWWWWW.They look like a cute couple!) Won 1st BTW! :)

Yellowians vs. Greenians. :)

Kak Shahiela and me. (She's cute right?) ;)

Faeza(my lover according to my FB) with her doing-doings. :)

The Greenio and Tinkerbell.

Me and Hasvini.

Faeza and Tali! :)

Eetong and I.Both the Greenians!

Kak Nik as Avatar.Me as Greenio,Kak Syahirah and Kimmay! :)
Blue,Green,Yellow, and Red.

Me and the cute Kimmayyyyy! :)

Here is a jump shot that we did:

Awesome right?Thanks to our photographer Tali!!!!! Very ala' GLEE dont ya think?

Kak Shahiela said I looked like a brat in this. :(


Nice face,Eetong!
Semangat yeh Faeza?

Nice Keris Peter

What do ya think?

The Avatar's tail and hand. :)

Red House's The Last Samurai won 2nd in the Mascot Placing. :)

Stole my cam huh Soo Chin.Got a NICE camera just tak mau guna.

Haha!Can u see Soo Chin?I cant! ;)


Promoting 100PLUS? :)

CLSW. :)

Taemin's sis. :)

Vanessa was like 'you look so cuttttttteeeeeeee'.
Vanessa:Lets take a picture!


Last Pic of Sports Day 2010. :)

Then I went home and then went tuition.

RAJIN KAN? *not* I'm off to watch How To Train Your Dragon! :)


P.S.Sports Day 2010 was an unforgetable day cause I made new friends and Had FUN!

Goofy Much?