Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teacher's Day Horror

As the title states, Teacher's Day is a horror when you have to be the one in charge of finding and coordinating the shows on that day.Especially if you're the leader.

Let's start with my week shall we?


Talking with Pn.N, getting my ideas shut down.Meeting Madame S and making time slots for students to audition for her so she can pick the performers.


Sukan Tara has started.Green House had to do "Lompat Jauh". My first was a "BATAL" and on the second jump, I got 1 point. During the 100m run, I got a BIG FAT EGG.But hey,I got 1 point just for participating.
After Recess, Celine and I along with Prashanthini had to see Pn.N,she was a big help! I then had to become a runner for Madame S, starting from 12 O'clock.Sitting with her and listening to her comments on each performance.


Today,Green House had to do "Lontar Peluru" I got 3 points on the first try!Yay!
 Became Madame S's runner AGAIN.Running around, calling people,telling them if they are in or not and also listening to everything I needed to find for Raptai. 


Dreaded Raptai.Running around, finding the bloody extensions that work.Can I just state our school's PA system SUCKS.


The D-Day had arrived.First matter of business was Perasmian.I was crossing my fingers for Faeza and Jessie! Hoping their banner didn't fall or was not stuck.But luckily it wasn't. Then Prefects got called to pick up our presents, to give the teachers.I didn't know which teacher I was supposed to give,but the Teacher in front of me was Madame S. Lol. After Perasmian,was our CLASS PARTY.
Class Party with 4 Intan was just EPIC.We played Of Course and The Talk Show Mission Game and it was LAUGH'S all around. :) <3
At 10.00a.m, I left to go pick up the extensions and find a radio that could WORK.Luckily other prefects were also helping.We readied everything for the games since they were first. The tying saree game,Chopsticks game and the kompang game.Teacher's Day is one of the day's you can find teacher's acting just like students! :]
I also was really honored when a staff member came up and told me to deliver the message that a teacher's husband wanted to wish her HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and present her with a HUGE BOUQUET of FLOWERS. Imagine a pavilion full of girls going "AWWWWWWWWWWWWW"
Then all the performer's started.Technical difficulties all the way man. :l 
But it was a success? Can I say that?


I went for Super Junior M's free concert at Hari Belia.Shall update with pics once I get them from Xiao Ying.But I had fun with Michelle,Xiao Ying and Sandra(Michelle's Sister) I have to say all of them. Zhou Mi,Henry,Eunhyuk,Sungmin,Ryeowook,Kyuhyun were the ones there.Siwon and Donghae weren't there sadly! :[ 
They performed Perfection, all of them performed solo's [Except Sungmin] and the encore was "Super Girl" ♥

On another note!
I watched Pirates Of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides


Truthfully I only watched it for Jack Sparrow!

Black and Purple Sweet 16

My birthday was actually on 25th of April.Sweet 16 ya'll! :)

The tiny black thing my mom was holding is the newest addition to my family, Shefali! ;]
Since my actual birthday is on a Monday, and I was promised a Sweet 16 Party, my mom decided to do it on the 1st of May. 

The theme: Black and Purple
The Place: My House.

I thought it was going to be a simple and gathering with friends and family.But was I wrong.I was SO WRONG.My parents and my siblings(The sneaks) went all the way out.

Lemme tell you about that day.May 1st 2011.
Woke up at 11.It was a three day weekend.We had no school the next day! Yeah! ;p Was helping out with the cleaning. At 3 o'clock, I was kicked out,went to the salon to curl my very straight hair with Hasvini and my cousin.I just got a glimpse of the outside before leaving.My parents actually hired someone they know and he was a planner! They showed me this balloon before I left and it had all four of us(my siblings and I) faces on it.It was when all of us were in our Tadika Graduation.
What I saw before leaving.

I went to the salon and came back at about 6 ish? Some friends had already arrived.Got ready at lightning speed and went downstairs to just talk and joke around with them.

Thank you guys for coming! <3

Hasvini dragged me outside and said she wanted to show me something.My dad was covering something like a giant frame and I was wondering what the hell it was.When it was unveiled, I saw this....
It was something everyone could sign.The tears were threatening to come out.I didn't know they were going all out.But the night was amazing.Ill let the pictures go on now! ;)

The decoration of the outside. Pretty....
The place where I had to stand.
The cake and the pinata. ;) Michelle burst it sadly!

Ah,because the freaking clown was late,I had to sing.EMBARASSING!
 Mei Yeen was pushed to the front and she had to dance Gee with me! ;)
Hah,with the family and amazing friends cutting the cake. :]
 Guys,you are so weird! :]

The night ended and I hope everyone enjoyed...Well...Menaga tells me she did! 

Releasing the balloon and making a wish.You're only 16 once. :D

Goofy Much?