Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What can you make of this?

Seems I haven't blogged in a LONG time.
I already promised myself to work harder and succeed. 

Well...last Thursday,
Our owasum school was visited by Akim and Black for a Hari Raya Music Video?
First of all,I did not know WHO THEY WERE.End of story.

And most of them went FANCRAZY.
Even more so,when Akim threw his wristband away.It was a funny sight really.I have only seen fans going crazy once. (AAR Concert last year)

Now,I see them again,UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. XD
Again,let me tell you.It was really funny! :)
Today,I was a bit lonely since UMMAMEIYEEN left to go to watch the Debate thing happening in JB. :(
I had fun during PJK though! Joanne,Tal,Faeza,Eetong,Yi Ching,Durgha,Amirah and Myself played Bang! Bang! YOUR DEAD. :P And we played one round of "Honey,can you smile for me" DURGHA POKERFACE! 

Also during Tamil Class,me,Joanne and Durgha discussed EVERYTHING! And also about this person that I really really really really (IMAGINE A LOT OF REALLY'S) Hate. ;p

I don't think Ill be blogging until after PMR. :(

I want to concentrate and succeed. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dysfunctional Family! :)

Today at school to rid of boredom while doing work.
I made the ever so famous "Cootie-Catcher".
My version is a bit more complicated than your normal everyday ones.
This time it was KPOP groups related. ;p
Mei Yeen's KFamily Tree is.....(this is just a game,not real)

Changmin(DBSK) + Jungshin(CNBlue) + Jessica (SNSD) + Sooyoung(SNSD)----> Her parents!
Mei Yeen + Amber + Luna f(x)
Mei Yeen's children --> Jea (BEG),Jonghyun(SHINee),Sunny(SNSD)
Hates: KiBum (SuJu)

Also, she has a crush on Thunder,though she's married to Taemin and MinHyuk.She's also in an affair with Sungmin and Jungshin.Her boyfriend is Haha! Seungho is her bro.She hates YunHo and Jessica but Jessica is also her BFFL! :)

I'm married to both Eli and Hankyung,but Taeminnie is my boyfriend! I'm also the child of YongHwa and Wookie! Proud parent to Solbi,Hongki and Jonghyun (CNBlue). Henry and Heechul are my brothers.
Heechul---> Scary
Henry----> Underwear thief!

It's fun sitting with Mei Yeen since we have alot to talk about and she teases me alot. ;p

Also it's Bulan Ramadhan,which mean's the Malays will go through fasting.So wishing them best! :)


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The most important thing in life...aren't things.

On Tuesday,was our last ELS meeting.
I already ate Chinese Fried Rice and then I found out they bought Domino's pizza.
I ate three slices actually.Didn't want to be a bad sport.
The Form 5's had to make a speech. :)
Thanks to the Form 5's for everything!

Today,we had a Maths Workshop.
It was okay and it was funneh how when he said "Joanne the lines." lol.And Joanne's face was priceless.
Though I thought some girls were a bit rude.....
Anyway today is baby bro's 8th Birthday. :)
Happy Birthday VaishwenDR! :D


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