Friday, October 29, 2010


As I have mentioned on my twitter...I got a LIFE board game! I brought it to school of course,since I didn't have anyone (other than my sister) who could play it. :D

On Friday, Pn.N wasn't there cause she got transferred to another school.Our new principal (I got her name wrong. ;p) gave a good first impression.She knew many words that teenagers nowadays use.

After that,we had a talk from the people of EXTRA chewing gum (Dental Purposes) 
The man was really funny and he was the only talker (in my opinion) who could catch my attention! But like I could eat the chewing gum (HELLO BRACES?)

We had some time to play by ourselves so Soo Chin,Faeza,Eetong,Eunice,Sim and myself played LIFE. :D

We even went to recess 10 minutes late because we were so into it.We jotted down the details of our unfinished game so we could continue it sometime this week.

The people from "Y" magazine came to our school.Faeza and Eetong started joking about MBLAQ's song "Y".No harm. ;)
The prizes were seriously cool. Toy Story 3 keychains,Prince of Persia Notebook and even...get this...
Justin Bieber's My World!

 Then their partner's of the talk, NUTEEN skincare gave a talk on well...skincare!
I learnt things that well,I frankly didn't know.
The ambassadors of NUTEEN were Thomas and Jack.I heard from Huda that they were the ones who opened for Super Show 2. :)
Everyone thought Thomas was cute. (Huda and I thought so too!)

I got a prize after answering a question about a cleanser. (HAHA)

Skips to my Saturday.I went to school mind you! Out of 200 over Form 3's only about 20 came?

Happy Belated Graduation to SMK Convent Form 5 2010 classes! :D

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stress in a weird way.

My mum told me that yesterday at 2.30a.m,
I apparently walked over to her room,
Knocked the door like a ghost *tok tok tok* 
When she opened the door, I said, "I wanna sleep in my room"
My mum said "You were!"
Me "NO.This is my room"
Mum "You go walk that corner that,and see Hasvini in the room or not?"
I apparently walked back and slept.
I only remember certain parts.
Am I suffering from Pre-Exam Sleep-walking?
Scary thought!

Any-who PMR is in 2 days.Worried but looking forward to it finishing. 
Good Luck to everyone! ♥

The current song that makes me smile!  :) 

Admiring Boy-D'NA

You don't need to watch it if you're gonna criticize it.

Goofy Much?