Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thinking it was pressure,but ended up having fun. :D

I had to enter the Volleyball Competition for Green House. :(((
I was freaking out cause we had to play against seniors who most were in the club.
Michelle asked us to come to school on Saturday to practice.It was from 8am until 10.30am? 
After that,Michelle,Sze Hoong,Ee Tong and I mimicked some dances like Nobody,Bonamana,Gee,Love Like This,Sorry Sorry and the funniest ones, Can't Be Tamed and Party in The USA. HAHAHA XD. (No offence to anyone.We were just having fun)

School today was actually relaxing.
Pn.S gave us work.
Pn.R asked us to do the "Kad Segak" and it was funny how most of my classmates didnt want teacher to read their weights aloud. ;)
Pn.Bibi didnt enter so I played Bingo on Calculator with Tane,Dharsh,Kubah and Yen Theng.

I got 94% for Tamil Exam. :)

Also my volleyball game was today and hey-ho it started raining.You shouldve have seen my face.My mouth was open in shock when teacher wanted to postpone the match 2morrow. (I wanted to watch Dream Team) SOMEONE laughed alot when she saw my face. ;)
But in the end,we played.In the drizzling rain.
Green had to play against Yellow.
Sadly we lost but it was a close game. 10-9 :)
I actually got 1 point by myself but the thing that hurt was it hit my elbow and made it bend a bit and it hurt.

Im happy. :d


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality (MBLAQ)

Oh yeah! ;D

Members are:

Seungho : Leader (24)---> He's always sickly but dang he has the thickest lips in the world (to
                                               me anyway! ) ;D
G.O: Mustache man (24)----> He's the main vocal and he's awesome in singing!
Lee Joon: Hollywood ace (23)----->Hollywood actor,loves to do aegyo and make people 
                                                            laugh! Go Joonie!
CheonDoong : Maknae Line (21) ------> He has a hello kitty named Soonja,ai so cute! :D 
                                                                     Nickname: Thunder
Mir : Maknae Line (20) --------> Because of his laugh,he's also known as Chucky but he's an 
                                                      amazing rapper! :D

They're also in Idol Army.Watch if u want! :D

BTW,Rain is their mentor! ;D Watched Ninja Assassin? Lee Joon was the younger version of Raizo. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pick Up Your Jacket!

My dad got last minute ticket to The Karate Kid in Mines. :d

This movie deserves a round of applause!
My mom said she would watch this movie again! ;D
I have been learning ballet (stopped recently) and I cant even do this. 
Props to him.

The mother cracked me up.
She always does this. 

Jackie Chan beating up a group of teens. ;p Well not beating up but........U watch the movie,k?

It is the must watch movie of the summer. :)


Blazing Heat and Cold Shoulders

On Friday dated 4th of June,
I went to School, for the last day of exams, Maths. :p
It wasnt that hard,but Maths Paper 2 was tricky. 
Hugged my friends,cause we were embarking on a two week school vacation! :D
Then I went to tuition, said bye to friends. :D

After that, I had to double check luggage and everything since we were going to Kelantan.
We moved from my house in Selangor at 7.30p.m. and arrived in Kelantan around 3 ish? Then finding a place to stay.
We ended up in a freaking  homestay hotel. :/
At 4.30 IN THE MORNING.Not a good experience.
Never I repeat NEVER doing it again.
Anyway,I had to wake up at 7,to get ready to go to the temple for the prayers.
And guess what, the toilet was outside the rooms, in the hall. :/
So quickly got ready and went to the temple at 9.00a.m.
The prayers started around 11a.m. and finished at 2.00p.m.
It was blazing hot,so my dear friends,Im darker than normal now.
After that,my family and I along with my young grandparents (My grandparents siblings)
went to Cameron Highland.
The roads up that mountain were dang wiggly! I had a headache. And it was freakily eerie, cause you know forest at 8.00p.m ish? :o
Finally we reached the apartment my dad's uncle booked for the night.The rooms had no airconds but they were cool enough.
I shared a room with my sis.
We just opted to stay in for the night.

The next morning,we explored Cameron.I bought some things at the market.
My mum wanted to see my grandmothers (R.I.P ♥) close friend who lived near Cameron.
We did.This guy who looked my age, helped my mom.
My mom told him the last time she's been here was when I was 7 months in her stomach.
And the guy had the cheek to say "And now she already has metal wires in her mouth."
Thanks dude.I know I have metal wires in my mouth.Theyre called braces FYI. :D

I was happy when we were back home.


Goofy Much?