Sunday, January 31, 2010

Public announcement!

Hey long time no blog again, parents were moving offices and we all were uber busy!
But 2day is the day that we have officially moved in.We re having a prayer today to you know....bless it?
So...Im in my dad's office and writing this announcement on his laptop.
The opening is actually 2morrow on the 1st of February! :)

Thats all.Gotta go now for the prayer!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Long time again? :/

Hey all you awesome people out there.
Long time me no blog huh?
Anyway let me give you the down low on whats been happening.....
  • I changed to Pandu Puteri where i am more happier and relaxed.
  • I am still a mentee :/
  • I like Boys Over Flowers. (KIM BUM!)
This motivational speaker came to our school and he had a lot of life stories to tell.

Like firstly about this kid names Daniel Bego?
And this touching one about a guy named Nazri.
It was okay.

Thats all for now.

I will blog more! :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TharsikaDR's Current State!....And first day of school to now...the 3rd.

1st day of school right?
It was okay.All of the 2 Rubi student were separated. :(
That sucked of course.But the up was sitting next to Faeza. :)
And we met our class teacher....Pn.Menirah.Who seemed nice but had a strict air around her.
Pn.Bibi who taught me BM in Form 1 is teaching me BM again this year.Pn.Rosliza is once again my Geo teacher.YAY!
I also have alot of new teachers this year.
Pn.Sakuntala who teaches English:-Talks and writes very fast.
Pn.Lily...Science Teacher:-Shes actually my ex-mentee Lisa's Mom.She's very nice and her teaching is awesome.
I havent met most of my teachers yet...well it has only been three days and I didnt come online for 2. :/

Anyway and also Form 3 prefects have to restart training.I already feel drained as it is.And I have remember ALOT.We have many teachers.Maybe I can remember their 1st name but their last? :(
But my mentor is actually ok.

On Monday,I studied for 3 hour 15 minutes. 6-9.15 p.m. *Tiring.
Tuesday....4 hours. 5.30-7.30 I had to do maths with my teacher Mr.Sasi.Home tuiton.And then 7.30-9.30 in the study room. *Draining.

I decided to a Current State Of Union.Ever read clique?Then you know.

TharsikaDR's Current State

In                                              Out
          Mentor                                          Mentee           
             3 Ruby                                         2 Ruby (Sad to say)

I'm sleepy and tired.So I'll stop here for now.Ciao.Heart you all. <33333

Goofy Much?