Monday, January 31, 2011

Saying Goodbye.

Saying Good Bye is hard to do,but something that can't be avoided in life.
Many people I know are leaving on their own paths of life.Two people that I have regarded as close friends are leaving.
Marion has left for Perth.She's going to continue her studies there.Will miss you Marion! ;'l But I wish you best of luck on your path!

Huda or as I sometimes call her Dada. :) Is leaving too not so far but to a boarding school.
No more seeing my awesome little KPOP buddy and close friend who holds many dear secrets.Will miss you Syahirah Huda!

I know it can't be avoided so I wont see it as Good bye but See you again cause one day,Im sure we will see each other again so...


Sunday, January 30, 2011

T.O.P ♥

I have one amazing friend who i gotten close to last year but we knew each other since Form 2. :)

 She recently uploaded this pic with this caption!

"The girl beside me is so awesome she can talk about KPop all day long without getting bored. It annoys me and she knows that xP But I love her, she knows that too :D ♥"

So I decided to do one of my own! :)

"The girl beside me is so awesome that I she doesn't mind when I call her T.O.P though I know she feels embarrassed sometimes.She is so awesome when I talk about KPOP,she just listens and laughs at appropriate times.She is so awesome that I love being her friend! And I know SHE knows that I love her! ♥


Thank You Lee Pei Khim!

Thanks Kimmay for helping me do a nicer template for my blog! :)
 Good Luck on the JPJ Test! :)
Will pray hard for you! 


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Honeymoon year? :l Cube Family? :)

In what way is Form 4 a honeymoon year?
No way in hell!
Learning new things can be fun but a bore at the same time.

Hate everything.Headaches.
I was already sick for 2 days which made me not go school for 2 days.
People leaving. :(

On another note,I got 2 passes to go to KPOP Hitz TV Show Recording featuring CUBE FAMILY.

Mei Yeen Umma and I went. :)
It was in Mist Club @Bangsar
Got there @2 and waited.
But the wait was really worth it!

First up was G'NA,she's really gorgeous and nice.And can speak English! :)
 She sang "Ill back off so you can live" and "Supa Solo"

Next up 4MINUTE!~
 SoHyun is so cute! :) Ending she did a heart for everyone!
4MINUTE performed "Huh" and "Hot Issue"

Last but not least,BEAST!

Sadly Kikwang wasnt there,he filming "My Princess"
But still the screams! My camera took blurry pics but seeing them in person.
Doojoon was really a gentleman,not wanting to leave the stage even during break. :)
Dongwoon kept saying "Wa,woah,wow" XD

They performed "Shock" and "Beautiful"

The MC couldn't interview them,since the crowd was so noisy.
But hey,its BEAST.
Girl's behind me said "OPPA SARANGHAE!"
My eardrums!
But it was worth it.Dad picked up Mei Yeen and I.
They say they saw B2ST,4MINUTE and G'NA returning to the bus. :)
Yoseob was holding the teddy bear he got from the fan!

It was a experience I will never forget! :)


Goofy Much?