Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gone is 2009.Now come 2010.

I know I have to blog about the cruise and another post but i wanted to post this first so bear with me, ya?I cant believe a year has passed by so quickly.I feel like it was only yesterday,I was entering Form 1.Now Im Form 3.Hard to believe it.

In 2009,I made awesome new friends and learned alot about friendship.I found who i can trust and who i cant.
In 2009,I chatted with a multiple personality disorder turd.And you can never trust a turd!
In 2009,my grades were okay....i think. :)
In 2009,I found Boo Boo Stewart and TSC who are amazing!
In 2009,I made friends online Shan,Kell(though we were friends in Dec closer this year!)

Now onto a colorful and hopeful new year 2010.

In 2010,I hope to get 7A's in my PMR to prove to everyone.
In 2010,I hope I dont freeze and black out.
In 2010,I hope i make awesome new friends.
In 2010,I hope everyone gets awesome results in their PMR.(good luck)
In 2010,I hope EVERYTHING goes well.

Now you know.





Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holidays So Far..... :/

So its 12th December 2009.Im leaving 2morrow so I wanted to blog now.
There are a couple of funny things and weird and sad and....JUST THINGS OK?
Hehehe sorry.
Here are some!

  • I found something unsettling.I found out you cannot trust certain people.Whatever.I have people who have my back and I have theirs! ;) AND!I AM NOT A FREAKING DRAMA QUEEN.I HATE U FOR SAYING THAT(SORRY,Im venting my anger) 
  • This is one of the weird but nice things.Someone commented on the youtube video that I did for Boo Boo Stewart....cause hes amazing!

Check it out if u want! :)

Any who! Back to the matter at hand.I received these comments.

  • awsome , ! the sound was not that bad , anyway ,..... if you are Boo boo's Sister you are really pretty <3
  • Awesome Video , the sound was not that bad , Anyway if you are Boo boo's sister you are really pretty ! and your brother has the cutes smile !
Sadly,I am not his sister.And yes..His sisters are really gorgeous and pretty.Im not.So....

And I found this pic on Rena Durham's website.Shes a wonderful photographer.

She takes awesome pics.He looks amazing.

I wanted to try the centre style. :)
And that ladies and gentleman is Boo Boo Stewart.If you look closely.You can see that Boo Boo pierced his ears. OUCH.

Rena Durhams pix are amazing.Here are some with my favourite celebs.

Selena Gomez.She looks so gorgeous...Well she's naturally gorgeous.

Actually I dont know if she took the pic.But this pic is gorgeous.
SORRY @faezarose 

So I'm leaving 2morrow....and I havent packed yet....I'm sure my mom will start nagging later..ugh.Anyway I will take a lot of pics. :)

P.S:I know Boo Boo's cute and he does have a cute smile.
Bye Bye for now.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Carol and New Moon...HELLO!

Hey yall,
This post us mainly to rate some of the movies I have watched this far anyway. :)

Lets start off with 2012.....

Rating: 8/10

  • First off, I cried during a part.
  • Scary..
  • Fav Part:Where the kid regarded Richard as his father.
  • But all in all,it was a good movie.
Next off....Christmas Carol.

Rating: 9.7/10

  • What can I say...I love this movie!
  • Jim Carrey is amazing! He voiced 4 people!
  • I love Tiny Tim...(I cried that part when he died)

Rating: 10/10

  • I love everything about.
  • Rob Pattz at the start.OH MY GAWD!
  • Im Team Neutral BY THE WAY! but leaning towards Seth.
  • Fav Part:When Edward said 'Dont trust Vampires...Trust me'. (I still cant get that outta my head.

Also i love it bcuz they introduced the Volturi and The Wolf Pack!

Cant wait for Eclipse!

Im officially not behind my posts! :)

Im going on the cruise this Sunday....back on Thursday so...Ill blog on Friday? :)

Ciao for now! <3333

Afternoon Session Prefect Party 2009

Hey yall.
On Saturday,I went to the Prefect Party at MetroPoint.School was officially last time to see the friends yeah?
I went to Lemon quite late but the teachers...werent there off the hook.
Pictures were taken off course.
Here's some memories :)

Doesnt this look like a photoshoot?

Us with the Prefect Teachers.

Pn.Hanita giving a short speech at the starting.

Pn.Faeza.... :)

Balqis wanted to take a there!Why she covered my face...I dun know.

Soo Chin is naturally gorgeous....dont ya think?

None of us were ready....except Soo Chin...Or shes just amazingly photogenic.

Ready this time....what was i looking at?


Us with Teacher Faeza...hehe. :)

Faeza with 2 of the Form 1(going to be Form 2)Prefects! 

Aini! :)

Me with Jun Yi!Thank u for your annoyingness awesomeness!

L8ter we went to Baskin Robbins,since the party finished early.

Faeza looks amazing.

I look plain weird...again what the hell was i staring at?!

Photogenic as hell.

Faeza and I then moved to Sushi King for a while since I was craving for some.
I bought the Kappa Maki and I bought extra for Faeza so she could try some.

Us at Sushi King.

Something totally random..I dont understand anything though.

I got this at Baskins....

Faeza got this.She said it was nice so maybe ill try it the next time I go.

Amazingly photogenic.

In the end,It was an awesome day! :)
Ciao peeps.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Last Day of School in 2009.... :/

So Nov 20th...was the last day of school.
So I took pics...with my awesome will see that someone is missing....dont ask me why. :/

Sandra! :)

Everyone playing my pictionary.It was funny.BTW sandra and I won. ;)

Again with my pictionary....

With Rabi and Intan.

With Pn.Malar.Teacher...thank you for being an awesome Tamil Teacher.Will never forget.

Posing. :) LOL.

Again.... ;)

A posing session for Huda! Huda YOU ROCK!

Me and Flor....I dont look nice at all.

Michelle....You look like a ghost hanging on me.Haha!

Aswini! :)

Faeza Suraya Roselan! You are amazing! ILY! <3333


Just talking.Aswini was taking pics without us knowing.

My close friend and My Boo Boo Stewart CONFIDANT. :)

HUDA! :)

The gang..

We got Hula Hoops to play with.Mine was a bright orange.

What up?!

HAHA....GO THARSIKA...What the hell am i doing?



Why so angry?

Tal and Faeza! :)

Our last day as Form 2 girls.....

Love all my friend! ILY! <33333


Goofy Much?