Sunday, July 10, 2011

Princess and The Frog!

On the 2nd of July 2011,it was finally Sport's Day! No more staying back on Thursday for Sport's Practice.Rejoice!
We had 1MALAYSIA run and also Sport's Day straight after.
I reached school at about 6.15a.m (way to early) to help out with last minute details.I was there with Michelle and Jessie and Sandra in the Art Room.Staring at the frog head.Let me tell you,our school is scary when there are no lights!
People started arriving around 6.40a.m.We had to get Laivinia ready because mascots have to be ready by the time the run starts.
In Kajang Town yo~ Honk for the frog! (Two people actually did!)

After the run ended,we had to change Laivinia into her longer skirt.And I had to change into my pavada. ;] We had times to do last minute things to our mascot and ready the cast for perbarisan!

Very busy in the art room!

Our perbarisan! :]
Lemme explain the mascots.

Red House- The Red Queen and her Two Card Soldiers.

 Blue House- Alice in Wonderland,the Rabbit and the Butterfly
 Yellow House- The Simpsons

And you clearly know our Green House is The Princess and The Frog! :]

As always we knew we were getting last place overall.
But we had to keep up our tradition of winning the March,the Mascot and also Aerobics. :]

We did!The results were as followed! 
Aerobics:1st Place-Green
March- Joint 1st- GREEN AND YELLOW
Mascot: 1st Place- GREEN 2nd Place-Yellow

Overall winners were the Blues! Congratulations!

Now some ridiculous pics of me and my owasum friends! Mei Yeen isn't here because she had to do St.John's duty! -_-


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